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Health officials hid harmful brain impairment effects of vaccines they statistically observed in 1999. Their results were derived from the medical records of over 400 000 infants. They later dishonestly reported vaccines as showing far less evidence of harm than honest analysis shows. Others promoting vaccines from such information act from an honest integrity but it is an integrity stemming from deliberately misleading information.


The following outline shows some key elements of this harm inflicting deception. It is worse than the related precedent of tobacco - medical industry dishonesty.


How many people now live healthier and longer lives because true knowledge about the harmful effects of smoking are known? The health improvements from true knowledge about the harmful effects of vaccines will be greater than when truth about smoking replaced the lies.

Exposing ugly lies
makes way for beautiful
truth in it’s place.


The Nov-Dec 1999 analyses showed large increases in risk.

Thomas M VERSTRAETEN, et al 1999 including Frank DeStefano (pictured below) and the Centres for Disease Control (a US health authority,) carried out two unpublished analyses that examined the effect of mercury containing vaccines from a database of over 400 thousand infants. The first analyses found the following increases in risk:

ADHD: 8 times more

AUTISM: 7 times more

ADD: 6 times more

TICS: 6 times more

SLEEP DISORDERS: 5 times more


(Source: CDC, through safeminds dot org by the US Freedom Of Information Act – FOIA.)




The data/analysis was manipulated 4 TIMES. The ‘researchers’ eventually published the following increases in risk:

NERVOUS TICS: 1.89 times more

LANGUAGE DELAY: 1.07 to 1.13 times more.

They stated in their 2003 published study abstract:

"In no analyses were significant increased risks found for autism or attention-deficit disorder.” (Source Verstraeten, DeStefano et al Pediatrics. 2003)

Their own 1999 unpublished analysis abstract, and their summary statistics data shows their published statement above to be a lie.
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The first analysis compared babies that received no mercury containing vaccines to those that got 3 or more. This was changed to compare babies that received no mercury containing vaccines, to just one.

Just this single change caused the studies initially revealed risks to drop by up to 86%. e.g. The initially observed 7.62 times increase in autism due to 3 or more vaccines, dropped to show just a 1.58 times increase in risk.

Would you have made a change like this and not reported the first observed increases in risk from vaccines knowing hundreds of millions of children were at risk?


They included data from outside the Vaccine Safety Database (VSD) from Massachusetts. There, the “computer records had been in shambles for years”. And had “significant underreporting of autism” (Source: Congressman David Weldon MD, letter to Julie Gerberding the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) director)

Would you have included the Massachusetts, ‘shambles’ and 'underreporting of autism' data?

Congressman David Weldon MD

David Weldon smaller face 227 x 200

Julie Gerberding, former CDC Director

Gerberding.ashx 231 x 200


Decisions were made so that the unvaccinated were likely to be removed from the data used. (This was like taking non smokers out of a study looking to see if smoking causes lung cancer.) This created a group that lacked the former vaccinated and unvaccinated proportions for comparison. (Source: CDC actions as shown in Safeminds FOIA)

Would you have excluded unvaccinated children from the study?


The fraudulent published study has not been publicly corrected and it is still used to promote vaccines as safe. It is just one part of a great empty shell of ‘Tobacco Science’ used to deny the harmful effects of vaccines and falsely promote them as safe. This includes medical associations full of genuinely caring doctors misled to believe vaccines are not harmful and have health benefits … just like the tobacco and medical industries said cigarettes were not harmful while they were recommended by thousands of doctors.

Tobacco Science Chesterfield cleaned up

Paul Gerhardt

(note: The bottom quote is not from Gerhardt)



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