Is Australia a police state?


Andrew Wilkie MP warns that Australia is becoming a police state.

The rights of citizens have been diminished so far and the power of the state has increased so much that Australia is in a pre-police state.

"It took me very little time to come up with ten characteristics of a pre-police state which exist in Australia right now.”

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Ten Characteristics of a Police State

In Australia Right Now.


Everyone is monitored by the state, via meta-data retention.


Every phone call, every web site visited, every location signal sent from their mobile phone is recorded and can be accessed without warrant.




Media is being manipulated. Funding for independent broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, have been reduced.

Government has bullied the ABC, Fairfax papers and the news limited tabloids. (Australian papers) are now the official organ of the Australian liberal party.


Manipulation of the judiciary. It is remarkable that the government sees nothing wrong, in the royal commissioner going to a party political event.







There is a ludicrous level of secrecy surrounding immigration. Meaningless terms like 'On Water Operations', is a term that means we're not going to tell you what is going on. 


Arrest on suspicion, without any hard evidence, when it comes to terrorism.





Incarceration indefinitely without trial. Some asylum seekers are being incarcerated seemingly indefinitely, definitely without trial, in third world countries where we send them. When we send them to Manus Island in New Guinea, or to the Republic of Nauru.


Complete and utter disregard for international law and any number of international agreements that previous governments have agreed to.

This government ignores the Rome Statute, the refugee convention, the convention on the right of the child and the international covenant on civil and political rights.



Elected representatives of the people, are forbidden to debate and decide on important matters of state. We had the situation yesterday where the government, in secret, decided to start bombing the sovereign state of Syria and the matter was never allowed to be debated by the parliament, was never voted on by the parliament.


Safeguard mechanisms are disregarded or even bullied if they get in the governments way. We saw the terrible treatment of the Human Rights Commissioner, when she spoke up on the issue of asylum seekers ... we saw was a conga line of ministers, all lining up to have a go at her and to bully her.




Security agencies acting beyond their lawful powers.

The Australian Border Force thought it was OK to conduct an operation on the streets of Melbourne to check peoples papers so to speak. This is something that is not allowed in the act, it is beyond their legal power. (Note: Public outcry prevented the operation)

What does the above say about our country?

Andrew asks this and gives his assessment.

What you think is for you to determine.


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