Why no lead isotope ratio analysis?

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Interesting Question!

People are being poisoned by lead but a test to pinpoint the source is just too much trouble to get a concentrated sample ... really? 

It is interesting that paperwork received by Sandy seems to indicate that two lead isotope ratio analysis were done, because the first analysis was, "affected by a mix up in subsampling in the laboratory" (Quote from: Alan Jeffrey, Senior Chemist, Geochemistry, Dept of Heritage and Protection) yet seemingly ratio analysis was not done due to lead concentrations being too low in another communication?

A concentrated aqueous sample can be obtained by hosing the roof and collecting the concentrated runoff before it dilutes in the tank. I would have thought that surface dust concentrations would be concentrated enough, before water dilution, to obtain sufficient lead for isotope ratio analysis. It is unfortunate that Govt services could not instruct for, or obtain samples sufficient for isotope ratio analysis.

If the miners are implicated then they are accountable for the contaminations they have caused.


Allan Jeffrey Sen Chemist Geochemistry

Lead Isotope analysis not done