People can only live with integrity to the knowledge they have. Much of substance, is unknown to many. This blindsides their ability to live with a well INFORMED-INTEGRITY.

To better inform, a media that includes what is omitted, while holding truth high, will help people get a truer picture. This is what we are about.

People living from true info are not subject to misinformed people or false authorities. By holding truth high and living from it we help establish honest, decent society. 

INFORMED-INTEGRITY a peoples voice, pools some relevant info and makes it available so people can better self inform, think and live.


If people benefit from this information, and share it, INFORMED-INTEGRITY will grow and help more people.

This can be as simple as:
We/I have joined a grass roots web publication. It’s called “INFORMED INTEGRITY – a people's voice”. It pools and shares messages like ours/mine. We encourage you to check it out and share it and its articles as you will. It combines what we think is some good info (especially ours/mine) which can be shared with just a click. I have subscribed.

(Describe us in your own words. We suggest emphasising that it will be effective according to how people share it and its articles. This will relate to the quality of the content and people realising it is THEIR MEDIA. So it’s up to people to promote it. Passing on useful knowledge helps those that need it.

Our groups are friends. Pointing each other to a wider range of relevant info is caring for each other. I'm doing this because controlled media doesn’t pass on much needful info and thus it manipulates by it’s lack. We want people to assess the value of the info here, and pass it on as a free will act, according to their INFORMED-INTEGRITY.





We emphasise messages that we think credit greater prominence than they are typically afforded.

We want to inform in a way that provides info of a high quality. A quality that measures up to tangible reality. We prefer information that comes from deep and broad, experience and research.

A focus in INFORMED INTEGRITY, is info that corrects what we consider ongoing, underlying, incorrect information. Some contributors might have been belittled in other arena's. We lift what they share high so people can see it. Where it is true it will stand tall where it is false it will fall.

Truth is it’s own authority, reflecting it accurately is important for information media. We aim for this BUT when we get things wrong, corrections will be appreciated. What we present is for people to judge for themselves.


Every person is an individual. They have to learn and grow for themselves, in their own way.

Knowledge growth and development is a natural process. It is natural for people to learn and teach themselves according to what they experience and know is true and correct. It is natural to refine and clarify this by further experience and interaction with others.

We especially want readers to think from base observations and facts for themselves. To form their own mental image of reality and to reason and live as they see fit, adjusting as more is learned.

We think society has hindered full natural healthy cognitive function. We hope to help people empower themselves by the use of their natural sensible reasonable nature.




We hope people grow strong together as they learn and naturally join around truth.

The laws and ways of nature are objective truth. They do not change. All the important basics can be experienced, known and agreed upon by everyone of sufficient experience. Water is wet, rocks are hard and everybody needs air, water and food.

People follow truth naturally because the ways of nature are truth. Force, coercion, deception etc are only needed to move people to unnatural things. If lies are the problem then turning from them to truth is the answer.

The nature of people is to experience and think for themselves. To grow in and live by independent awareness. Unity should enhance independent awareness, each individual and hence the group.

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